skin suits, speed skates and StuFF THAT WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO ADD OUR LOGO TO

Skater wearing our hoodie while on holiday in Halifax, N.S.


Skin suits

This season we are sourcing our skin suits from a Quebec company called Nagano Skate which was founded in November 2016 by speed skaters. We are excited at the thought of skaters developing equipment for skaters.

Speed skates

We have a skate rental program. At a cost of $150.00 you can rent a set of boots and blades for the season. If the skater’s feet grow, as they tend to do with our younger skaters, we simply switch out the boots for a larger pair. Should you wish to purchase your own boots and blades we can point you in the direction of preferred suppliers and can help you with the purchase.


We are happy to add our logo to basically anything, within reason of course, and over the years have added our logo to a lot of items. By far the most popular has been the hoodie. We have also added our logo to t-shirts, both long and short sleeve, toques/beenies, winter coats and sweat pants.

If you would like to buy a skin suit, speed skates or any of our branded ‘stuff’ or if you have an idea regarding something that we can attach our logo to, please do not hesitate to stop by the equipment room at the Healthy Planet Arena.

Versions of our skinsuit, including the tiger suit.

Custom Skin Suit

Custom Skin Suit Measurement Chart

Measurement Instructions

Custom Skin Suit Chart
A skater at the start line wearing our skinsuit.

Custom Skin Suit


We will be using the IceReg platform again this season. For details please head to our Registration Page.

Registration for 2023/24